What’s ikkai?

ikkai is a crowdsourcing platform where companies and individuals can outsource one-time tasks or short term jobs to students. Simply put, if you have a task you want someone else to do, post it on ikkai and a student will complete it for you.

    Set your own price

      100% free to post

How does it work?

Post a task

Provide us with information including the date and location of the task and price you are willing to pay. You will never pay more than your budget, and you only pay once you have found a match. We can also take care of everything for you if you call us at 092-231-8154.


Choose your student

Students apply for the task you post. You can access their profile and reviews. You will also be able to communicate with them through ikkai’s messaging system if you have any questions. Once you choose a student, pay online and we will keep the money in escrow until the task is complete.


Get things done

The student completes the task and gets paid 48 hours’ after completing the job. You can review them online. This ensures that the taskers’ on our platform are high – quality, because students who get bad reviews will no longer be able to find work through ikkai.

Who are our clients?

We have two kind of clients: individuals and companies. See more

What can you ask for?

ANYTHING as long as it’s legal and morally acceptable.
We review all tasks before putting them online to ensure safety and quality of the platform.

Below are examples of frequently requested tasks. Click here for more examples.


  • Event staff
  • Trials *
  • Flyer distributors
  • Translations
  • Data entry
  • Survey takers

* A task that lasts a few days to see if the student is a good fit to hire for a long-term contract.


  • Dog-walking and pet sitting
  • Babysitting
  • Cleaning
  • Assisting tourists (translation, interpretation, guide)
  • Moving in/out
  • Language classes
  • Helping the elderly (conversation, groceries etc.)

Who are our taskers?

Our taskers are only students over the age of 18 (excluding high school students), with a valid student card (we thoroughly check these credentials).

Most of our foreign students can speak two or three languages (including but not limited to English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean). Students can be from any kind of school including undergraduate or graduate universities, specialized schools (e.g. design school, programming school, beauty school etc.), language schools and more.

Our satisfaction rate is currently close to 99%. Students strive to do well because they know they need to get good reviews to be chosen for more jobs to earn money.


Typically, clients pay online right after choosing a student.
Companies are allowed to request to pay by bank transfer. All of our online payments are secure, and we hold the money for 48 hours after the task is complete. This way, if there is an issue, clients can easily be refunded, and students are guaranteed to get paid upon the completion of the task.

Where can I use ikkai?

  • Anywhere in Japan. ikkai is based in Fukuoka, but we are currently expanding all around Japan.
  • From anywhere abroad, as long as the task can be completed in Japan.

Easy, Affordable and Time-saving.

Use ikkai and make your life easier.

Any question or comments?

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